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From bridal styling to Level 3 VTCT Hairdressing qualifications, we offer courses for students just starting out on their career to those looking to improve and upscale. We have intakes throughout the year.

How long does it take to qualify for hairdressing?

Our courses range from 1 day per week for 9 months for private learners, to 18 months on our apprenticeship programmes.

Can you learn hairdressing online?

The internet will offer a range of free to access tutorials on various different hair care, styling and cutting techniques. However we would urge anyone looking at online tutorials to use them as an additional resource to their qualification programmes.

Hairdressing is a practical, hands on skillset and as such, we believe at Omni, that the best way to learn these professional skills is to receive high quality, practical training. There’s no better way to learn a practical skill than by seeing it done live, right in front of you. From there, our tutors are on hand to guide you as you practice and develop your skills. They can easily recognise and correct technique, before bad habits have a chance to form. It’s just not possible to get that same quality level of training through a screen.

When coming into the industry you will need to gain professional qualifications in order to gain the correct level of insurance so that you can safely practice as a hairdresser.

Unsure about Career Paths?

The VTCT Career Paths provide a fantastic overview of routes and options.

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We Offer Payment Plans

If you are struggling with payment for your course, we have a variety of options available to help you.

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