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Apprenticeships: For Employers

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Why Take on a Hair or Beauty Apprentice?

Did you know, you can apply for a financial incentive of up to £4000 from the Government for each Apprentice you employ?

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Taking on an apprentice is full of reward for both you and your apprentice. Your time, knowledge and experience in our industry is an incredibly valuable tool that will help to develop the next generation of hairdressers & beauty therapists.

Omni Academy is a private training academy which offers the government funded hair & beauty apprenticeships at Levels 2 & 3. Based in Walton on Thames, Surrey, we pride ourselves on delivering unbeatable training and producing outstanding, competent, commercially viable hairdressers & beauty therapists.

The apprenticeship programme runs for a year at Level 2 and a year for Level 3. As specialists in our field, Omni have devised a very special, bespoke training programme where we front load the technical training, to enable apprentices to master their trade and allow you, the employer the opportunity to nurture, mold and perfect the therapists of the future in both a time and cost efficient way. More importantly you will be able to utilize their skills continually, as they progress, to increase revenue potential for your business.

The Apprenticeship is a government funded course but Apprentices will need to be employed in a salon for a minimum of 16-30 hours per week. The current minimum wage for an apprentice is £4.30 per hour. If it is their second year of their apprenticeship and they are over the age of 19, this will increase to the national minimum wage for their age group.

* As salons start to rebuilt after the Lockdown they can reduce their Apprentices’ employed hours to a minimum of 16 hours per week.

As an academy, Omni will work very closely with you, the salon to make sure that you are getting maximum benefit from your apprentice.

How Will My Apprentice be Trained?

Within the working week your apprentice will be released from your salon for training with us at Omni Academy where we front load their practical training.

For Level 2 Beauty this training takes place on Mondays, 9.30am-4.30pm throughout the year. In this time they learn practical skills in:

  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Gel Polish
  • Lash & Brow Tinting and Shaping
  • Lash Extensions
  • Facials & Skincare
  • Waxing
  • Cosmetic Make-up
  • Basic Body Massage

When it comes to Level 3 Beauty, the training at the Academy runs Thursdays, 9.30am-4.30pm for 30 weeks. Within this time apprentices learn:

  • Swedish Body Massage including advanced techniques:
    Deep Tissue, Light Touch, Lymphatic Drainage, Pressure Point, Elbow, Forearm and Wrist 
  • Advanced Electrical Facial Treatments including:
    Galvanic, Microcurrent, Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, Skin Warming Devices, High Frequency, Lymphatic Drainage
  • Advanced Body Electrical Treatments including:
    Galvanic, Microcurrent, Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, Skin Warming Devices, High Frequency, Lymphatic Drainage,       EMS/Faradic

The Level 2 Hairdressing training takes place on Mondays, 9.30am-4.30pm throughout the year. In this time apprentices learn practical skills in:

  • Shampoo & Condition Hair
  • Style & Finish Hair (eg. Hair up, Blowdry, Set, Curl, Tong, Straighten)
    – Basic Styles
    – Creative Styles
  • Cutting Hair
    – Basic Styles
    – Re-styles
  • Colour & Lighten Hair
    – Basic Colouring Techniques
    – Creative and Colour Correction Techniques
  • Perming
hairdressing student in class

The Level 3 Hairdressing training runs Tuesdays, 9.30am-4.30pm. Within this time apprentices learn:

  • Style & Finish Hair
    * Curly Blow Dry
    * Hair up Rolls
    * Creative Sets
    * Tong / Wand set non-conventional techniques
    * Adding hair
    * Straightening & smoothing
    * Waves / Beach
    * Creative Styling

  • Cutting Hair
    * Forward Graduation (A-Line cut)
    * Natural inversion & reversion cut
    * One length precision cutting
    * Long box layers
    * Square layered cut
    * Graduated bob – various styles
    * Graduated short style
    * Clipper work / razors
    * Over direction / travel for disconnection cut

  • Colour & Lightening Hair
    * Highlights – herringbone weave & slices
    * Foil highlights
    * Ombre / balayage / root smug
    * Pre-pigmentation and restoring depth & tone
    * Neutralising unwanted tones
    * Recolouring hair which has artificial colour removed
    * Correcting Highlights & Removing Bands

Training Structure

Practice Assessment sessions are timetabled into the training days with us. Alongside their timetabled hours at the Academy, apprentices will have theory assignments to complete outside of the Academy. We are very structured at Omni and our students have deadlines in which to achieve these assignments, which fall inside of their training time frame.

Alongside their Beauty Therapy training, Apprentices will also receive training in ‘Life Skills’ covering additional topics such as Equality & Diversity, Safeguarding and Current Affairs. This is a mandatory part of the Apprenticeship programme which the government requires us to deliver.

At the end of the year Apprentices will need to achieve an End Point Assessment. During this process an external examiner will attend the Academy to assess Apprentices performing a series of treatments. This is then graded as a Pass, Distinction or Fail. Apprentices must achieve the End Point Assessment in order to complete their Apprenticeship.

The Certificate achieved at Level 2 is a ‘Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Professionals’.
At Level 3 its an ‘Advanced Beauty Therapist’. 

If functional skills (Maths & English) is applicable this will also need to be achieved within Omni Academy. 


Costs & Incentives

£1000 Incentive

If your apprentice is aged 16-18 and your company employs less than 50 staff, you will receive a government incentive of £1000 to help you to take on your apprentice.


£3000 Incentive

From 1st April – 30th September 2021 employers can claim an additional £3000 for any new Apprentices hired during this period.


10% Towards Cost of Training

If you are employing an apprentice who is 19 or over, the government requires the employer to make a 5% contribution to the cost of the apprentice’s training. In this instance the £1000 employer incentive will not apply.

10% Towards Cost of Training

If your company has more the 50 employees the government requires the employer to make a 5% contribution towards the cost of the apprentice’s training. This is applicable for all apprentices, regardless of their age. In this instance the £1000 employer incentive will not apply.

For more information or to recruit a Hair or Beauty Apprentice get in touch on 01932 23 23 22 or email us at info@omniacademy.co.uk