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Appeals & Complaints Procedure for Learners


As a learner you have the right to appeal against an assessment decision for a variety of reasons. These may be:

  • The assessment criteria were not made clear to you
  • You felt that the outcome was unfair
  • The assessment was not in line with the criteria

In most cases, disputes regarding assessments should be handled directly by the assessor concerned and the following formal appeals procedure should only be used as a last resort.



The assessment outcome must be communicated to the learner at the time of assessment. The assessor and learner should negotiate to resolve the dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the learner can initially appeal verbally to the IQA, this should then be followed up in writing or a completed Appeals Form. This must be received by the IQA within one working week of the assessment decision. 

The IQA will then:

  • Contact the learner and assessor within 10 days of notification
  • Conduct an initial investigation and propose a solution
  • Results of the initial investigation are communicated to the Centre Manager