Natural and Dewy

2023 is the year of beautiful, natural skin. The most popular products of the year are light and natural liquid products, like the Rare Beauty Blushes. This trend has carried over into the bridal world, with brides choosing to embrace and enhance their natural beauty. The foundation is dewy and allows one’s skin to shine through. Gone are the days of thick contour, natural flushed faces are in. Less is more in 2023.

Sleek and Structured

Although the natural skin is here for the year, that doesn’t mean long, full eyelashes aren’t. Having soft and beautiful skin is being accompanied with nude eyes and full lashes. Some brides are keeping this simple and structured look going into their hair as well, with sleek buns and slick hair down being popular for some brides.

Purple Brides

This may sound a bit abstract, but purple blush has blown up online, and for good reason. Purple blushes create a gorgeous, flushed appearance on the face, especially on darker skin tones. This blush lasts far longer on the face than the typical pale pink blushes, which is exactly what you would want on your big day. Don’t be alarmed by their appearance in the pan, give it a go!

Bejewelled Brides

Who could have enough sparkle on their wedding day? Hair jewellery is a beautiful way to add some extra sparkle into your look and it can be incorporated in so many different ways. Whether it be on a clip in your updo, or loose pearls and gems stuck on your hair, this is a trend that will be in fashion for years. It’s the perfect way to add that something extra.

Braided Beauties

Boho, messy hair has become more popular recently, with long braids, braided updos and half up half down hair being increasingly popular for a wedding day. From long French braids sweeping over ones shoulder to braided crowns, these types of styles are here to stay fore this year. They are perfect to personalise with accessories too.

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