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New Year, New Start

Here we are again, approaching Christmas and wondering where another year has gone and also making the exciting plans for the year ahead!

Our thoughts for 2019 is why not make a change that excludes fad diets and exercise goals. Make a change that will not only benefit you now, but also for many years to come, one that will be fun, exciting and rewarding.

At Omni we are so passionate about what we do and the industry we are in. Our aim is to not only teach skills but also share our passion of beauty to enable others to love what they do, just like us. After all we do spend most of our day at work!

But a passion doesn’t pay the bills we hear you say! Well, did you know… The Beauty industry really is flourishing and growing from strength to strength every year. Here are just some of the top reasons why you should make beauty your career path of choice in 2019, you’ll thank us later!

Booming Business

Did you know that during the great recession, the beauty industry was thought to be recession proof and saw a continued percentage increase in sales! A theory dubbed ‘The Lipstick Effect’ claimed that women facing hard times during economic crisis will still be willing to spend money on luxury cosmetic goods in order to make themselves look and feel better, so whilst the rest of the economy suffered record declines in sales, beauty and cosmetics experienced sales growth of 5.3%, proving the Beauty business really is the business!


With new trends and treatments always developing within the market, the industry is forever changing and new training and development opportunities become available. Keeping up to date with the industry trends is so important and overall creates a work life that is super exciting with no two days the same!


Aesthetics are now massively popular with more and more people reaching towards the non-surgical options of anti aging treatments! Training in Beauty Therapy is the first step towards being able to deliver Aesthetic treatments, with a large amount of the theory behind these advanced treatments being covered in your Beauty Therapy training. At Omni we have a range of level 4 qualifications so your training doesn’t have to stop at level 3!


It is estimated that by 2020 up to 5 million jobs will be replaced by a computer. Industries predicted to be affected may surprise you; they include taxi drivers, farmers and construction workers. Luckily for beauty, we fall into a unique category where computer replacement is highly unlikely…pheew!


A qualification in beauty provides you with a skill that you can take anywhere with you, all you need is your hands! Therefore giving you an opportunity to travel the world whilst always maintaining a way to make money. A popular option amongst our students at Omni is to sign up for a contract aboard a cruise ship. Working in a luxury spa, travelling around places like the Caribbean and making friends for life, what’s not to love! At Omni Academy we are proud to offer VTCT qualifications meaning you will leave with an internationally recognised qualification!


We are supposed to work to live, not live to work so why not join an industry that works around YOU. Whether you need to work around childcare, another job or simply want something part time, the beauty industry isn’t a Monday to Friday, 9-5 type of job. With a variety of opportunities such as starting your own businesses, working weekends in a Salon or even temping for a beauty agency such as 4 Leisure, the flexible work options are endless!

At OMNI, we are proud to have an outstanding reputation and brilliant links to leading local Salons, award winning Spas such as Pennyhill Park and industry enrichment days with brands such as Dermalogica ensure you leave us having the best platform to start a flourishing career.

Alongside our enrichments, we also offer past Omni students the opportunity to gain work experience in our own commercial salon, Omni The Salon within our Nova Therapist programme.

For more information on all the courses we offer, visit our website www.omniacademy.co.uk

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