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In our previous blog post we briefly touched on the new self-love trend #Skinpositivity that’s filling up our news feed of late (if you missed the post you can find it here). If this is news to you, the trend sees various influencers, bloggers and even celebrities such as Kendall Jenner who all reach out to their followers with completely real, make-up free images of their skin, flaws and all! It seemed 2017 was all about embracing stretch marks and it seems this year is all about embracing various skin struggles.

Considering it’s estimated that 80% of people between 11-30 will and do struggle with acne breakouts, this is such an empowering movement for so many. It’s also great for our industry because it creates conversation and acceptance that it’s ok to struggle with skin concerns and want to find a solution. Those who have struggled in silence, too embarrassed would have never dreamed of stepping foot in the salon whereas now they feel its ok. So many who share their struggles reach out and ask others, ‘what have you tried?’ ‘what worked for you?’

In our opinion this has two great benefits. Firstly, it’s giving people confidence to be open about their issues, seeing the usually perfectly filtered images of Instagram with so many not so perfect images is pretty empowering and a huge confidence boost to so many. Secondly, it’s great for us beauty professionals as it’s creating awareness and a buzz around the various different issues people can have and also the treatments available for the skin.

There are SO many treatments available these days. All the way from your traditional thorough facial through to electrically enhanced and even laser and IPL skin treatments, clients of the industry need knowledgeable Therapists and their advice more than ever! As mentioned in our previous post, at Omni Academy we’ve found it so interesting to see so many very experienced therapists who have wanted to start over with their skin education and have enrolled onto our VTCT Level 2 Facial and Skincare qualification. Most of these students have done so to progress onto our Level 3 which is the perfect platform to then start delving into advanced treatments such as your Level 4 Laser and IPL, LED Therapy, Facial Peels, Micro Needling, Dermarolling (the list goes on)!

With all this in mind, if you are a Therapist and you haven’t yet jumped on the skin bandwagon, there really is no time like the present! We’re not saying that you have to scrap all your other treatments and focus purely on skin, however targeting this trend could be a game changer to your business and it also looks as though it’s a trend that’s here to stay!

At Omni we proudly offer VTCT qualifications all the way through to a suite of Level 4 qualifications, why not give us a call and chat through your options, we’re great at looking at your goals and working out a way to get you there! It’s also a great idea to try out these treatments first, so why not seek out your local aesthetic salon and try a variation of treatments (what a great excuse for some TLC). If you’re local to us don’t forget about our sister company, Omni The Salon who offer an amazing range of pioneering facial treatments from skin peels (including natural herbal peels), Laser and IPL skin rejuvenation, LED light therapy and more!

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