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Week 4

Day 1 – Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Assessment day 3! Again, testing our manicures and pedicures but also our lash and brow tinting and shaping! This took place both morning and afternoon. Our next case study was set covering eye treatments and our A&Ps of the hair. We also had been given homework to do with health and safety and organisational requirements which I had already completed and given in.

I was super excited for college this week as we are expanding on treatments our treatments and will be learning facials and I was looking forward to seeing all the girls I’ve made friends with on the course. Plus I love receiving facials and am eager to start learning myself.

Day 2 – Wednesday 3rd October 2018

I was super exciting to start this one! Our facial routines! In the morning we recapped on our A&P of the skin and continued by going onto the diseases/ disorders and contra-indications that may prevent or restrict a facial treatment. We covered different skin types and what we can use to help our skin become healthier. We discussed what effects our skin (diet, weathers conditions) and we also analysed our partners skin to determine what type of skin they have. Stacey demonstrated a facial eye cleanse, lip cleanse, superficial cleanse and deep cleanse which we then practiced on one another. Before we do practicals Staci also shows us how to set up for treatments and what equipment we need to use.