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Week 3

Day 1 – Tuesday 25th September 2018

We had another assessment day on our manicures and pedicures and we discussed the tinting process that is due to be carried out for tomorrow. Staci patch tested us all to ensure no one would have an allergic reaction to the tint.

Day 2 – Wednesday 26th September 2018

We covered eyelash and eyebrow tinting and shape. Everyone was super nervous and protective over their brows but there was nothing to be worried about! All the girls did an amazing job and we went through step by step with Staci ensuring every individual person was doing the technique correctly. We continued to practice while also advising on aftercare and filling out consultation forms.

We are only at college 2 days of the week and they go super-fast! Staci recommended that we create a whats-app group to discuss work outside of college and we also share the videos on there of the practicals that we do. This is super helpful for everyone if we get lost with our practicals and need to practice by ourselves!