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Week 2

Day 1 – Tuesday 18th September 2018

Today we learnt about bones, muscles, blood and the lymphatic system within the arms and legs and recapped on what we had covered in the previous week. Staci then went onto demonstrating a pedicure treatment and we continued the day by practicing our manicures and pedicures along with professional painting. The painting’s definitely one that will need a lot of practice. It’s harder than it looks!

Day 2 – Wednesday 19th September 2018

Today was an assessment day! It was the first one of the course and we had actual clients coming in for treatments for what we had been practicing at college and at home. The ladies coming in were lovely and very understanding that we were training. The day ran smoothly and went super quick! Our first case studies which we carry out at home on friends and family have been manicures and pedicures including polish. We had to take picture evidence of these being carried out. A before, during and after picture of the treatment.

I’m really enjoying the course so far, everyone is so nice, helpful, friendly and Staci is amazing! She has so much patience to teach 14 of us at once but she still manages to make the teaching one to one. The class is really suitable for everyone’s learning pace as we can help one another and Staci also changes what we need to do if we need to practice a treatment more so than another.