Ever wondered what it’s like to train with Omni? Why not gain an insight by following our student, Elicia, as she shares her Beauty Therapy training journey with Omni Academy. Elicia is studying our VTCT NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy course.

If you are interested in finding out more information on this course, please take a look at our course page by clicking here.

Week 1

Day 1 – Tuesday 11th September 2018

Week one at OMNI was very exciting! We all got to meet each other and get to know everyone while also doing our manicure practicals. Everyone is so friendly and really welcoming. The day was laid out by doing theory in the morning covering the anatomy and physiology of the skin, so covering why it’s there, what it does and how it protects us. Continuing the day, we had an introduction to the tools that we will be using in the manicure routine and what they do. Staci (our level 2 tutor) demonstrated the manicure routine and the hand/arm massage routine which is incorporated. For the remainder of the day we practiced the routine on each other. We got set homework to write a personal profile about ourselves, touching on why we want to study beauty and a few things about ourselves.

Day 2 – Wednesday 12th September 2018

Day 2 we covered the anatomy and physiology of the nail and its structures. Staci also expanded on diseases and infections of the nails that may prevent or restrict doing a manicure treatment on a client. We also discussed aftercare advice and what advice we could give to a client depending on the nail and skin type and what treatment would benefit them (for example if a client had dry hands then paraffin wax should be recommended to them to help hydrate the hands from within). We then went onto consultations before the treatment would go ahead to determine if they had any problems with their nails. Staci demoed to us later during the day how to paint with red polish and how to do French polish. We then had full manicure practice at the end of the day to practice these skills. Our first anatomy and physiology homework was set based on what we had learnt in class about the nails and skin.