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Nails Courses

How long does the Nail Technician course take?

The VTCT Level 2 Nail Technician is run over 3 days and it teaches you about the Hygiene, Health & Safety requirements for doing nails. You will also learn the Anatomy & Physiology of the nail, about Nail diseases and disorders, any contra-indications and contra-actions you could come into contact with, such as fungal nail or severe eczema etc., and how to handle these situations. You will also be taught client care and consultation techniques.
On this course you will be taught how to apply ready formed nail extensions, you will learn the professional Acrylic application technique and how to maintain and remove these types of extensions.

There is the option to add on a 3-day Level 2 Manicure and Pedicure qualification which is good for those who are new to the nail industry, as this will teach you the basic skills required to become a nail technician, including manicures and pedicures, painting nails and doing French manicures and pedicures. This course will also teach you Luxury/Specialist Manicures such as hot wax/Parafin wax treatments.

What do I need to study to become a Nail Technician?

The first step in becoming a professional nail technician would be the VTCT Level 2 award in Nail Treatments. This course teaches you all the basics that you would need to know, such as nail health and care, conditions you might come across and how to handle those situations. You will be taught different types of manicures & pedicures, including luxury treatments which involve the use of hot wax, nail painting and French polish for both hands and feet. This course runs for 3 days, or we do offer an evening course which will run over 6 evenings.

The next step would be to do our Gel polish course, which would teach the preparation required for gel manicures, the application and curing of gel polish and removal of gel. This course runs for half a day or 1 evening.

The next step would be to do our VTCT Level 2 Nail Technician course, which covers everything involved in nail extensions and acrylic application, maintenance and removal. This is also a 3-day course either 1 day during the week for three consecutive weeks or 3 consecutive Saturdays.

What is the most popular nail treatment?

Currently you would most likely find that Gel Manicures are some of the most popular that people have done, this is down to the long-lasting nature of the polish and the fact that it won’t chip off over time.
People will very frequently want to have manicure or pedicure done as well as their colour as it also aids in the longevity of the polish life.

Nail technicians will also find that acrylics/extensions are very popular, these types of treatments have a long wear to them and are therefore a popular for holidays and events. It has been a trend recently to have dainty nail art added to a person’s service, especially when they are having length added.

The trend for 2023 is seeming to be very simple and clean nails, natural, shiny polish with the addition of a small gem or reverse French Manicure in a brighter colour.

Unsure about Career Paths?

The VTCT Career Paths provide a fantastic overview of routes and options.

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